This project is an example of Markdown being rendered server-side by Phoenix LiveView. If you modify the text in the text area on the left, you should see the result being rendered on the right side of the page. What’s more interesting is that if you look in your browser’s developer tools you should notice that only the sections of the document that are being edited are being re-rendered and sent back from the server!

Github Flavored Markdown is supported, however, I prefer this resource for a quick reference on Markdown syntax.


Here are some of my favorite features for quick note taking:

Emphasis, aka italics, with asterisks or underscores.

Strong emphasis, aka bold, with asterisks or underscores.

Combined emphasis with asterisks and underscores.

Strikethrough uses two tildes. Scratch this.

How about a

  • list
  • of
  • items

Pretty cool, huh? Some other useful features are:

code blocks
    unfortunately tabs don't currently work :(

or how about some inline code!

You can also easily create tables:


Check out the documentation for more cool things you can do with Markdown and Phoenix LiveView!